Why Home Care?

When you think of care for elderly people, does your mind instantly go to a care home? This is the case for many people, but the reality is that there are more options for your relative.

What does home care mean?

Home Care, also known officially as domiciliary care, is the type of care that allows elderly people to stay in their own homes and still receive all of the support and care that they require to live their life to the full.

A trained carer will visit your loved one, as often as arranged for their requirements to support them with day to day activities. This may include anything from meal preparation to medication management and continence support.

Home Care really is there to make life easier and to enable people to stay in their homes for as long as possible.

Why choose home care?

The main advantage of home care is that the individual requiring care can remain at home for as long as possible. The nature of home care is that it is very flexible as the calls and nature of those calls are completely worked to the individual's schedule and how they like to do things.

This flexibility allows the service user to retain as much of their independence as they can and be able to still make the majority of the decisions about their life day to day. Being at home also means that there are no restrictions on family and friends visiting, going out for the day, and any other things that happen in everyday life.

Home care really gives the individual the most flexibility and independence to enable them to continue living their life in the way that they wish to, without being held back by the things that they struggle with.

Definitely an option worth considering when looking at future care arrangements.

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